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You need color accuracy and color consistency, and that’s precisely what our topcoat lines offer. Furthermore, our powerful color tools ensure you get an accurate match every time.

Color has several functions in the Commercial Vehicle business: color can have a signal function, showing you or your customer’s identity or simply evoking emotion and creating awareness.

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An outstanding color range could be a good opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors. As one of the largest suppliers of paint and coatings, our color expertise enables you to delight your customer with an extensive range of colors – from standard RAL colors to individually customized colors.

Digital Color Technology
Colorvation is a unique, comprehensive, user-friendly approach to vehicle (re)finishing that uses the latest digital color technology. Digital color retrieval is the best, and only way to quickly and accurately find the correct color formula for the vehicle you are repairing. In fact, after adopting the Colorvation approach, you will only ever want to use our innovative digital color matching tools. For nearly half a century, AkzoNobel has been developing the industry’s leading digital color techniques and technologies, and continuously reinventing for the future. Building on our advanced tools, the Automatchic Vision™ and MIXIT™, we are proud to offer a portfolio that harnesses the power of digital color technology, to benefit your business and help you achieve measurable improvements - greater accuracy, greater efficiency and ultimately, greater profitability.

Are you ready for the next digital step in color?
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