We provide services you can count on


Essential to your success are three building blocks: our business services, technical coaching and process excellence. Each can drive your growth forward, making your business sustainable

We take the time to monitor and understand the current position of your business and where it stands in the market place. We talk to you about your strategic choices and objectives for the future. Using Key Performance Indicators, we examine and measure your business performance.

These actions enable us to help you boost your efficiency, productivity and ultimately, your profitability. They give us the information to pinpoint areas that are working for you and areas that need improvement. We outline ideas and strategies and how to implement them. We’ll give you timelines and metrics that work as your roadmap, taking you forward to meet challenges head-on, and ensure you overcome them.

A key element is a state-of-the-art technical skill set. After we help you identify your employees’ development needs, we set up a workshop conducted by a professional, experienced team. Our technical coaching portfolio is flexible and includes a variety of subjects, such as Professional Repair of a Commercial Vehicle from Start to Finish, Application Equipment and Techniques, Color Tinting and Paintshop Management.

Process excellence
Our process-oriented services create standardized processes, optimizing the flow of vehicles through your workplace and ensuring a more efficient use of your resources. Our analysis can make your operations and process flow transparent, providing you with a well-defined framework and reducing waste, energy and unproductive labor time. We can determine your best options for organization, planning and management.